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Mindful Movement Classes

Accessible For All

All Mindful Movement Classes are accessible no matter age, size, ethnicity, gender, mobility or ability.  Classes give an opportunity for everyone to learn in a safe and comfortable environment for all Body's.


Our philosophy behind Mindful Movement is all about Sustainability.  It encourages...

...Moving our bodies mindfully to build strength and increase mobility longterm

...Incorporating simple movements that can be performed everyday

...Exploring how our body mechanics work to increase more stability and range of motion for a happy healthy Mindbody

...Delve into the use of props for an opportunity to play with your body's movement patterns

We also explore...

Movement ABCs

     ~ Body Alignment

     ~ Our Own Physical Boundaries

     ~ Develop Strength within Our Boundaries While Making 10% Changes Over Time

     ~ Increasing Mobility through Safe and Sustainable Movement


Types of Movement Classes Offered...

     ~ Mindful Movement

     ~ Building Strength

     ~ Balancing Work

     ~ Chair Yoga

Private Classes can be offered online, within your home or mine.  All private classes are tailored to your needs.  Contact for pricing.

Current Group Classes Being Offered

WHERE:  Momentum Martial Arts (Saskatoon)

Every Friday!!

From 12pm - 1pm

Monthly Pre-registration $50 + tx (4 Classes)

Drop in: $15

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