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Stress & You:
Finding Your Breath

(Offered Online or Anywhere!)

During this 2 hr introductory workshop, participants learn the basic science, philosophy and practice of Mindful Breathing.  We discuss several aspects of Stress and why breathing is important for self care.  


We also delve into:

  • Where Our Stress Stems From

  • Cause and Effects of Stress

  • Benefits of Breathing & Self Care

  • Types of Mindful Breathing 


Our time spent together will give you the opportunity to learn how to sit in ease and bring calmness to your present moment.


Most importantly, you will discover how spending even as little as 2-3 minutes a day sitting in stillness can add so much needed peace and balance to your busy life. 

This workshop can be tailored to any size/type of group/age setting or offered privately in your own home.

Private Session $80

Company & Group Sessions - Please contact us for pricing

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