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"I attended Erica's Hip Mobility Workshop in early 2020 that was organized at Momentum. I really liked the exercises, found them challenging and beneficial, and I even started doing them at home.  Since then, I have been regularly attending the 'Yoga' classes at Momentum Martial Arts Academy, which are not 'traditional' Yoga classes at all, they are more about gaining strength, flexibility, balance, and having fun. I had a knee injury a long time ago that still impacted my balance. To my surprise doing these classes helped tremendously to strengthen my knee and improve my balance. I highly recommend this class to everyone who wants to keep his or her knees, hip, shoulders, and other body parts strong and flexible. You should come and try it at least once...


Saskatoon, SK

"Very informative and a peaceful guided meditation.  Highly recommend!"


Petawawa, ON

“Yoga with Erica makes me feel better than the trumpets in ‘Walking on Sunshine!’”...


Saskatoon, SK


"I took Erica’s Mindful Moment Workshop in December 2020 and her 2-hour Introduction to Mindfulness workshop in January 2021. I was very encouraged by how simple it can be to implement a short and meaningful daily meditation practice into my life. Even with a few minutes a day, I noticed positive changes and results. Erica breaks down the complexity so that it’s not overwhelming to get started. I was so pleased that starting a daily practice was an achievable goal.

I have been following MindVentures Meditation & Movement on social media for several years. I live in a different province, so I jumped at the chance to join virtually. I love the virtual format and interactive nature of the sessions. I enjoyed these workshops so much that I decided to continue the momentum by registering for the 8-week course!"


Middle Sackville, N.S

"Erica is a very patient and encouraging person and teacher. After taking her introductory workshops, I was thrilled to start the 8-week Beginner Meditation course in February 2021. It was an investment into myself that is paying off throughout the year. I was able to implement the learnings into my daily life. I have grown as a person and am thankful to Erica for her guidance on this journey. 

I appreciate the course being available virtually so that I can join from the East Coast. I felt comfortable sharing personal experiences with Erica and found her humour very refreshing. The course material is very relevant and applicable to everyday life. I felt welcome to ask lots of questions. Erica’s input was valuable throughout the 8-week course. Erica encourages reflection as well as goal-setting which produced positive long-term ripple effects. I highly recommend Erica’s 8-week class, it’s an investment I will never regret."


Middle Sackville, N.S.

"I went to the hip workshop and had a very wonderful eye opening experience. Learning how to mindfully and purposefully move my body so it can stay active and healthy for years to come. Thank you so much Erica for all the great information!"


Warman, SK

"I wanted to thank you so much for teaching me how to meditate and proper breathing techniques. My doctor was really happy to hear that I had started meditating and setting boundaries, especially when things become to much. Honestly, your techniques have really helped me get through.  I will definitely continue to use what you have taught me every day! I’m very lucky to have you in my life."  


Calgary, AB

"Excellent Introduction on meditation and how to use it in everyday life. This isn't just for some people, its for everyone! It's such a great way to get your mind and body to slow down and I can't wait to start incorporating it my day."


Calgary, AB

"I had a great experience! The session (Intro to Mindfulness) was very open and informative!"


Calgary, AB

"I absolutely loved my experience (Intro to Mindfulness Workshop) with Erica and Don. They shared their stories and made me feel extremely comfortable and I left with a feeling of calm, and was extremely inspired. Thanks again!"


Calgary, AB

"The introduction to meditation was really educational and is something I plan to incorporate into my daily life!"


Calgary, AB

"Fantastic course! Am so excited to start my journey with meditation and I thank you for that."


Calgary, AB

"An amazing experience! Can't wait for the next session. I learned a lot!!"

Calgary, AB

"I took part in an 8 week meditation course offered through work and loved it. It was really hard to "turn off" in the middle of a busy work day, but Erica is a patient coach and really help me to slow down and become more self aware. On meditation days I'd leave work feeling rejuvenated and energetic!"


Calgary, AB

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