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Mobility Workshops
For All

Whether you train as an athlete or someone who sits for long periods of time, our mobility workshops are geared towards all.  We look to build strength and stability in order to increase our mobility.  In doing so, we create healthier joints and muscles that support our daily lives.  Come and learn how to keep your hips mobile for better hip health.

In all of our workshops, we will go through a variety of exercises to improve posture and range of motion.  We also touch on anatomy, our body’s natural boundaries, and learn simple movements that can be done anytime and anywhere. 

Our different Mobility Workshops include:

Movement At You Desk

Hip Mobility

Shoulder Mobility

Building a Strong Foundation

and more...

Check out our Events section to find out when our next Mobility Workshops will be.  

If you are a company or studio wishing to host a workshop, please contact me!  

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