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Who We Are...


We are a dedicated team who are compassionate towards the invaluable tool of Meditation and Movement. 


Our life experience through the Military, Medical and Animal Health communities has been our baseline for bringing meditation and movement into our lives. We have personally seen the many benefits that they provide, specifically through its support of personal stress management and spiritual growth.


We are now able to bring these incredible life changing tools to our community for all and are excited to help others.

Erica & Don


Erica Green

Mindful Movement Educator
Meditation Teacher

Chair Yoga Teacher
Yoga for All Body's
End of Life Doula - Care Consultant

Reiki Practitioner
Previous Forever In Motion Leader

My Story...


I am a retired X-Ray & Ultrasound Technologist.  I have worked in many different facets of those professions, everywhere from private clinics, penitentiaries, and running a department for the Canadian Armed Forces.  

Over the years, finding a work life balance was nearly impossible.  I struggled with depression, insomnia and debilitating migraines, and the more I tried to ignore my stress and physical ailments, the worse everything became.  I lacked any type of self care, not only within my professional life but within my personal lifestyle as well. Through the teachings of my Meditation and Yoga practice, I began to experience a shift, a calm within my chaos.  Realizing a regular self care practice was helping me manage my mental and physical well being, I realized that more people needed to experience their own shift in living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

In 2009, I began my first Yoga Exercise Specialist course and never looked back.  Since then, I have built on my teaching path, shifting to fit our ever changing needs as individuals and as a society.  My classes and workshops are tailored to the needs of those attending, to provide a more inclusive environment for all.

believe in this life journey of sharing my experience alongside my meditation and yoga practice, in order to help others find a healthy lifestyle.  

I'm often asked why I teach and my answer is simple...I believe that everyone deserves to find peace and balance in their life.


Don Ferguson CD
Certified Meditation Teacher

My Story...


Meditation has been a part of my life since 2010 when I was looking for another option to manage my PTSD that didn't involve medication.  On recommendation, I attended my first Vipassana Retreat and recognized the benefits to my personal well being immediately.  Knowing what meditation has done for me, I want to share my experience to help others.

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