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Meditation Classes
(Private, Group, Online or In Person)

Want to try a meditation class but just not sure which one is right for you?  


We offer different styles and teachings for the curious students who wish to set up a personal practice, or for the more experienced students who wish to continue their learning in a safe and warm environment.  


Our goals are to support all students in learning the benefits of meditation, while being mindful to use these teachings in their day to day life. We also understand that not all sessions or types of meditation are for everyone.  This is why we provide support and assistance to students and encourage their learning in all aspects to follow their own path.  This may include experiencing different styles and lengths of sessions.  

All of our sessions can be private or in a group setting, and can range from 30 to 60 minutes, daily, weekly, or monthly.  We can also tailor any of our Meditation offerings into 6-8 week courses for in depth learning. 


Our teachings include but are not limited to:


Guided Relaxation Meditations

Visual Meditations

Pranayama Meditations


Walking Meditations


We also offer topic related Meditation Classes:

Loving-Kindness Meditations

Gratitude Meditations

 Letting Go


and more...

We are here to accommodate your needs in person or online. 


Contact us today for more information!

Why Choose Private Sessions?

(Individual or Couples)

Many people choose to have private meditation sessions for the opportunity to receive one on one training and experience in mindfulness practice.  Private sessions can range from 1 session to multiple sessions, based on the needs of the student. 


Our time together will provide personal guidance, the opportunity to tailor your session(s) to your specific needs and evolve your meditation practice, all while in a safe and welcoming environment. 


Ultimately, our goal for private sessions are to support you and your journey.  Options for our Private Sessions can range from learning how to set up your own practice to simple breath work.  

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