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Stress & Trauma:
Finding You Breath

(Offered Online or Anywhere!)

Stress, Trauma & You: Finding Your Breath


This 2 hour workshop is an internal exploration to tease apart how we live and navigate our daily stressors, and how trauma, PTSD and depression can play a role in our mental and physical health.  

We will also delve into:


  • Where our stress stems from

  • How STRESS affects our Mind & Body

  • Cultivating a heightened awareness from within

  • How to focus on the present moment

  • Purpose behind mindful breathing

  • Incorporate a simple meditation into your daily life


Our time spent together will also give you a chance to practice Mindful Breathing, learning to sit in ease and bring calmness to your present moment.


Most importantly, you will discover how spending even as little as 2 minutes a day sitting in stillness can add so much needed peace and balance to your busy life. 

This workshop can be tailored to any size/type of group/age setting or offered privately in your own home.


Private Session $80

Company & Group Presentations - Please contact for pricing

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