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Mindful Moments

(Offered Online or Anywhere!)

Our Mindful Moments Classes are offered in a few different ways.


Mindful Moment 6 Week Sessions

These 1 hour sessions, offered over a 6 week period, focuses on a different topic each week to evoke conversation and a look within.  It also includes a specific meditation on the topic of conversation and an opportunity to just breath and learn.


Mindful Moment Class

A special class that leads into our Meditation Workshops

(Intro to Mindfulness: Stress & You) or (Intro to Mindfulness: Trauma & Depression).  

We touch on stress and have a conversation around how our thoughts work and tie into our daily stress. It gives a chance to experience a guided meditation with an opportunity to just breath and learn.  


If you enjoy these classes, you will enjoy our Workshops!


This class can be offered privately, in group settings, online or in person.  

Contact us for more information.

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